Our beers

Drifters Gold: A very smooth and refreshing golden ale, ideal for anyone that enjoys lager or light beers, 3.7% (AVAILABLE 6TH JUNE)

Drifters Rainbow: A delicious session ale made with a rainbow of hops giving a pale ale full of aroma and flavour, 4.1% (Coming later in the year)

Drifters Storm: A delicious and satisfying West Coast IPA full of caramel flavours and fruity hops, 6.3% (AVAILABLE 6TH JUNE)

Drifters Windmill: A mellow, smooth wheat beer with the perfect blend of fruity hops, 5% (AVAILABLE 6TH JUNE)

Drifters Sundown: A Jasmine IPA with floral & spicy undertones to carry a bold hop flavour, 3.7% (Coming later in year)

Drifters Sunrise: A light & smooth pale ale with a hint of peach, simply perfect for a summers evening, 4.1% (AVAILABLE NOW!)